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Do you want to be healthy,
fit and save time? Fast and efficient!
Get trained in 20 minutes only!

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Combine your session
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The only studio in Thessaloniki
with wireless connection.
Workout without cables!

ΕMS the future fast training

It’s not the game; it’s how you play!!!
Do you want to be healthy, fit and save time?
Fast and efficient! Get trained in 20 minutes only!

Are you already under an EMS training program and visiting Thessaloniki? Don’t miss your workout! Visit e-fit soma and continue training during your stay here!

Are you in town and would like to have a new fitness experience? Why don’t u try electro muscular stimulation training (EMS)?

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The E-fit

E-Fit products can be found today in more than 30 countries (last year more than 1 million E-Fit trainings were performed globally). E-Fit trainers who took part in a special training course help thousands of customers day by day to achieve their goals. More than 36,000 muscle contractions can be reached during a single E-Fit training session; deep muscles can be worked out in a more efficient way and this way a 20-minute E-Fit training provides more to the customers than a 90-minute traditional training.

This is backed up by scientific research and customer feedback too. Since the training is easy on the joints, it can be used perfectly for rehabilitation and treatments aſter injuries as well.

E-fit in everyday life

In this rushing world, due to the lack of time and energy we rarely pay attention to the healthy diet and to the proper training. E-Fit provides help with 20-minute long trainings twice a week to those who are striving for a sportier, healthier and more conscious lifestyle. An EMS device in the hands of a highly qualified trainer is not only able to substitute the general fitness training, but can also help to achieve special goals.

Amongst the EMS devices, E-Fit is the only one which training wear was specially designed for the execution of highly active movements making it perfectly suitable for exercises ranging from simple gymnastic exercises to dynamic movements with combat sports elements.

Exercise Programs

  • Muscular strengthening
  • Lipodilution – Tightening
  • Physical Restoration
  • Elimination of Cellulite
  • Activating of Metabolism
  • Body Restoration

Call, email or visit us for a free trial and experience EMS yourself!

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+30 2311 26 74 04


Kath. Rossidou 3A, Kalamaria
Next to Sofouli street
Free Public Parking Posidonio
Bus Stop: Elliniko Kolegio – Bus number: 6

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