Η προπόνηση με το EMS είναι επιστημονικά τεκμηριωμένη και επιτυγχάνει με αβλαβή τρόπο πολλαπλά ευεργετικά αποτελέσματα στην ευεξία και ενδυνάμωση του σώματος. Η πρακτικότητα της μεθόδου αποτελεί πρόσθετο πλεονέκτημα στην ταχύρρυθμη εποχή μας.

Dr. Klára Jenes

Head of Rheumatology at MÁV Hospital, Budapest:

Having completed exercises with the E-Fit EF-1280 device, in my opinion using electro-myo-stimulation technology significantly shortens the training period by the simultaneous stimulation of the entire body and muscle groups. The WB-EMS technology combined with active exercises simultaneously helps the development of muscles and burns fat. All this is conceivable without any damage to the joints, or developing tendency for early chondropathy (cartilage abrasion). In case of motor system disorders the simultaneous stimulation of the entire body facilitates and helps the healing of damaged muscle groups; it is recommended for the treatment of sports injuries, sprains, and rehabilitation of spinal surgeries – exceeding the results of the selective stimulus current still widely used in medicine. Regardless to age – taking into consideration the contraindications – it is recommended for the use of muscle development, fat burning, body shaping, cellulite treatment as well as the rehabilitation of motor system diseases. As opposed to the square-shaped impulses, the trapezium-shaped impulses do not suddenly shock; therefore, the hazard of micro-trauma is lower. A single muscle group is simultaneously stimulated between the positive and negative electrodes; each muscle group is attached to a separate circuit with a maximum current of 10mA, therefore lowering the risk of pain and bruising, and significantly increasing efficiency. The training can be recommended as an individually tailored health preserving or recovery program; a training method without weights, but with customizable pulse depth. The E-Fit “training method” is state-of the art, hygienic and is fitted with aesthetically pleasing accessories.”